May 5, 2008

Dom Scripting

If you have been a UI designer/developer like me who used to do a lot of cut copy for JavaScript code from the web and then try to get the scripts to work without actually understanding what it does, then the book you should get is Jeremy Keith’s book on “Dom Scripting“. This book is written for the XHTML/CSS designer, rather than for programmers. It is a well written book which explains complex problems in simple and clear manner without confusing the reader and also by accompanying it with good examples.

You might be familiar about the concept of separating presentation from the content by using CSS; here Jeremy explains how to separate your behavior (JavaScript) from your content.

The sad news in India is that you won’t get this book of a book store and you have to purchase it online as there is no Indian publication for this book.

You can get this book on India Plaza. It’s priced at Rupees 1403, quite steep but worth it.