May 12, 2008

Good year for Hindi cinema

Last year was a good year for Hindi cinema; there were some really non formula movies churned out even from big banners like Yash Raj, yeah I am talking about “Chak De”. My favorite of the year was “Johnny Gaddaar”, if you grew up reading “James Hadley Chase” novels then you will love this movie, even though it is not based on any of the author’s books it follows the usual plots of a Chase book. The director pays homage to the author by featuring his book in various scenes in the movie. The other movie which was mainly liked by the critics was “Mithya”. To be honest I did not like this movie, the plot seems to be lifted out of Charlie Chaplin’s “Great Dictator”. The movie was trying to pass as a black comedy but I don’t think they really pulled it off.

I don’t think any good movies have released in 2008 so far, let hope we get to see some good movies like 2007