May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones, here we go again…

I remember seeing Raiders of the lost arc, in plaza in the 80’s (or was it blue moon). At that time Raiders ran straight for 27 weeks. I think that was a record for an English movie. Remember those good old days when there used to be six cinema halls around the M.G Road and Brigade road area (Rex, Galaxy, Symphony, Plaza, Blue moon and Blue Diamond) which used to screen only English movies and ticket prices were 6 bucks or lesser.

Well getting back to Raiders of the lost arc, that was the first of the series, they made the second one which was called “Temple of Doom” which stared our own Amrish Puri. I still remember his dialog, “Jai Kaali Maa, Muje Shakthi De” after saying this he used to pull some guy’s heart out. Well this movie was banned in India and we were forced to see it on pirated VHS cassette. This movie was banned because it showed Kaali worshipers in bad light, eating insects, scorpions and what not. The third one in the series was called “The Last crusade” it had Sean Connery who kept calling Indiana as Junior, which I thought was hilarious.


Well the fourth one is releasing on May 30th in India, this movie is called “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” this movie has already been released in states and other parts of the world and already making tons of money. I think it will be a fun movie.