July 15, 2008

To kick or not to kick

I have this Sony system which I am very proud of, bought it about 5yrs back it costed me a bomb about 35k, it has 5 channels surround sound, mp3 player and all the works for that time (now its obsolete, doesn’t play your pirated DVDs, you know the ones which are blue in color).

After 5yrs of constant usage and shifting the system up and down from Chandigarh, it stopped playing DVD’s, still played audio CDs. So I called the Sony service station guys who said they would send someone. A professional looking guy came the same evening, he opened up the system, used a brush to clean this and that, then asked me to give him a lot of DVD’s, CD’s, and MP3 CD’s to test. After trying out each and every item and spending about an hour, he told me the lens of the player is defective and had to be replaced. The audio CD’s which used to work stopped working too. The lens would cost about 4500 bucks because this particular model had expensive lens. He advised me to buy a new Sony DVD player which would cost me about 3600 bucks and then charged me 300 bucks for his service.

While I was contemplating whether to buy a new player, I remembered this incident with this old TV we had. We had to kick it to make it work. I thought why not let me try this out, I don’t have anything to lose. I gave the player one solid kick, and then played my audio CD and voila it stared to play. I tried out a DVD and that too started playing.

So the moral of this story is before you throw away your old electronic items, kick it once and see if it works.